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How it works

Enrolment Procedure

Once you apply to Maldives Business School, our staff will contact you before the next intake. You can collect the acceptance letter from our reception once its ready, you can also request for it to be sent to you by email. An acceptance letter, enrolment agreement and a fee schedule will be inside your acceptance letter. Once you receive your enrolment agreement fill in the necessary details and submit it to us. Once you are enrolled, you are officially a student of Maldives Business School.

Student Portal

Our students portal is available for all of our students, you can submit your assignment, check your attendance, talk with your professor, view class resources, and check your grades. The student portal is also accessible outside Maldives Business School, so you can send your assignments on the go, talk to your teacher on the go and check your grades on the go! All of your class resources including the presentations given by your professor and the module books are all available online to you always.

Online Library

Researching is a big part of our assignments, our students have an access to more than 85,000 books and 10 million articles from academic journals. With each assignment your teacher will suggest you books to read from our online library, this helps you gain a better insight on what is taught in each module. The online library is also accessible outside Maldives Business School so you can do your research on the go.

Modular Courses

Our courses are designed to be easy for our students. Modular courses allow us to have intakes every month so our students don’t have to wait for the next semester or big intake. You can always join the next module and continue the course from there.

Financial Assistance

We understand that financial support for education is important to many students. Even though the quality of our courses are amazing, our course fees are reduced to a very affordable amount. These are some resources for financial assistance available to students.
1. Bank of Maldives Lui Loan
2. Zakat Fund Loan

If you need further assistance applying to these resources please contact our office and we will guide you.