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Bachelor of Human Resource Management

About the course

The Bachelor of Human Resource Management degree prepares students for positions as business managers, human resources managers, HR generalists or specialists, and HR analysts. Graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and self-confidence to assist in effective and successful management, within constantly changing and highly competitive national and international business environments.

It focuses understanding of the leadership and management skills needed to manage, develop and lead individuals and teams and encourage high performance in an organization. Learners will develop an understanding of how to manage the human resources of an organization to achieve its strategic objectives, how to manage and develop employee performance, principles of leadership and team building, psychology and communication skills. In addition, learners will also develop an understanding of the use of technology in information management, economics and research.
Successful completion of this qualification enables learners to progress into or within employment. It enables sideways progression to Masters Degrees, such as an MBA.

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1.  Business Environment
2. Organizations and Behavior
3. Human Resource Management
4. Managing Human Resources
5. Managing Financial Resources and Decisions
6. Marketing Principles
7. Operations Management in Business
8. Small Business Enterprise

1.  Human Resources Development
2.  Employee Relations
3.  Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business
4.  Business Decision Making
5.  Business Strategy
6.  Research Project
7.  Business Work Experience
8.  Marketing Planning

1. Strategic Human Resource Management
2. Performance Management
3. HR Management and Leadership
4. Principles of Psychology
5. Cross Cultural Communication
6. Research Thesis


1.  Is it MQA approved?
Answer: All of our courses are MQA approved.

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Entry Criteria

General Entry:
Successful completion of higher secondary education OR attainment of a Level 4 qualification in a related field OR attainment of a Level 4 foundation study program approved for the specific bachelor’s degree, associate degree or diploma program.

Alternative Entry:
Completion of a Level 4 qualification (unrelated), and successful completion of an MQA approved University Preparation Program OR 20 years old, completion of secondary school, 2 years of relevant works experience, and successful completion of an MQA approved University Preparation Program.

Course Duration

Full course: 3 years

If you have a diploma in this field you maybe able to join the second year directly. If you have an advanced diploma or associate degree you maybe able to join the third year directly. Please submit a Credit Transfer and Exemption Form.