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Associate Degree in Human Resource Management

About the course

The Associate Degree in Human Resource Management prepares you to manage and develop the human capital in modern organizations and to provide related services to individuals and groups.

Entry Criteria

General Entry:
Successful completion of Grade 12 with 2 A’Level passes OR
Completion of an MQA approved Certificate Level 4 qualification in a related field
Completion of a Level 4 Foundation Study Program approved for the specific Diploma program.


  • Business Environment
  • Managing Financial Resources and Decisions
  • Organisations and Behaviour
  • Marketing Principles
  • Human Resource Management
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Operations Management in Business
  • Small Business Enterprise
  • Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business
  • Business Decision Making
  • Business Strategy
  • Research Project
  • Human Resource Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Marketing Planning
  • Business Work Experience

Duration & Fee Schedule

The course duration is 2 years.
MQA Approval Letter


1.  Is it MQA approved?
Answer: All of our courses are MQA approved.
2. I dont have a Foundation Certificate, what do i do now?
Answer: You can join the Foundation from Maldives Business School & continue to your Bachelors Degree.

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