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Sofia works in the HR department of a government ministry. She’s an ambitious, career-oriented and hard-working girl with a handsome young man for a boyfriend. It was 3 o’clock on Monday. She has just finished work and was rushing to leave with her bag hanging from her left shoulder when Rasheeda, an older co-worker, whispered in her ear with a cheeky smile, “Why such a big hurry? I know. Going to hang out with Adil! Yum.” The mention of her handsome boyfriend warmed her mood.

As she stepped outside, a gust of wind lifted her hair from her neck, the cool air a welcome break from the afternoon heat.

Actually, her boyfriend was probably the last thing on her mind at three o’clock. She cares about him but she cares about her career more. She’s rushing because she wants to arrive as early as she possibly could for her three o’clock special HRM class. She’s always dreamt of getting her degree but always found it difficult to spare the money to pay the tuition from the salary that she was getting. After all, there are those scary monthly bills – rent, electricity, water, phone.

Her luck changed a month ago when she saw the FB advertisement for the 3 o’clock special. She was instantly wooed when she saw the price. 1500 rufiyaa a month. Just 1500 rufiyaa a month? Wooooooow! Crispy, mouth-watering fried ice-cream! Now that is yummy!

But there was a catch, she had to admit. Her work didn’t exactly finish at 3 o’clock. Nevertheless, she applied and was overjoyed to learn that the 3 o’clock special actually starts at half past three.


 NOTES The following terms apply to the 3 O’clcock and 5 O’clock Specials. 3 O’clock Special (15:30-17:30 hrs.), 5 O’clock Special (17:30-1930 hrs.). Total tuition: MVR 27,000 Total tuition: MVR 30,600 Monthly payment: MVR 1,500 Monthly payment: MVR 1,700 Other fees are the same as for normal classes.


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